Michael Giacchino to record Jurassic World score in two weeks plus tons of new merch pictures!
Posted by ChrisLikesDinos - Friday 27 March 2015 at 07:37PM - 9 Comments

We have lots of news today, so lets get started! First up, some big news: Michael Giacchino will begin recording the Jurassic World score in two weeks! Susie Seiter, a professional orchestrator who recently worked on Tomorrowland and Minions tweeted this:

"Minions is finished!!! Time for sleep.... Oh wait Jurassic World records in two weeks. Nevermind!!! https://instagram.com/p/0spNgDv--L/"

The composer Michael Giacchino is best known for his work on LOST, Up, and Star Trek with his most recent work being Jupiter Ascending and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. He is picking up the reigns from the immensely talented and  renowned John Williams, who scored Jurassic Park and The Lost World.

Next up, we have some fun new images via promotional merchandise, including a small glimpse at the Mosasaur underwater!



Pictured above are a select few pictures of theater merch, bedding, bubbaloo bubble gum and party supplies. Check out the sources below for even more pictures, including new renders of the Indominus Rex!

As always, stay tuned for the latest on everything Jurassic World- we know Jurassic World was originally supposed to have an appearance at Kids Choice 2015, but it seems those plans have changed. However, rumors are still circulating about a trailer appearing on Furious 7, so we hopefully will have news soon!

Source: Vianney, CinemaSceneMarketing, The Jurassic Collection

First look at LEGO Jurassic World Raptor Escape set!
Posted by ChrisLikesDinos - Tuesday 24 March 2015 at 09:12PM - 11 Comments

When we first reported the list of LEGO Jurassic World sets there were a total of 6 listed. However, last month at Toy Fair only 5 were shown off. We now have pictures of the previously elusive Jurassic World 'Raptor Escape' set!


The new set features Omar Sy's character 'Barry', a vet and the Velociraptors Charlie and Echo. Also featured is an ATV and what seems to be a Raptor research or containment station. While the exact price of this set isn't entirely clear, it seems reasonable to assume it will retail for $39.99. 

This completes the 'Raptor Squad' when coupled with the 'Raptor Rampage' ($49.99) set which features Chris Pratt's 'Owen', Bryce Dallas Howards 'Claire' an ACU trooper and Velociraptors Blue and Delta. The sets are expected to hit shelves this May.



Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook! As always, stay tuned for the latest on Jurassic World!

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Jurassic World Footage to be Previewed During 2015 MTV Movie Awards!
Posted by Sandy - Monday 23 March 2015 at 06:17PM - 20 Comments

On Wednesday, April 8th, MTV will be showing off an exclusive first look at Jurassic World along with an appearance from star Chris Pratt, which will be a part of the "MTV Movie Awards Takeover Week". The exclusive MTV sneak peak will air at 11 PM E.T. and will hopefully give fans more to chew on until the release of the movie. 


What are you hoping to see in the new footage? Are you done with watching new footage until the release? Let us know in the comments section below and be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook page for more news and information. 

Source: MTVBroadway WorldJurassic World Twitter

Jurassic World posters signed by Colin Trevorrow up for auction; proceeds support fan and movie extras battle with Lymphoma
Posted by ChrisLikesDinos - Monday 23 March 2015 at 02:13PM - 3 Comments

ImageIt's not every day you can win a movie poster signed by a director themselves, and it's even rarer when its for such a great cause. Mariah Lambes isn't your usual Jurassic World fan - she's one lucky enough to have acted as an extra in the movie!

However, Mariah is currently battling Lymphoma and has an upcoming bone marrow transplant. Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow remembered her from set and learned of her upcoming transplant, not only writing her a fantastic letter but also giving her a few signed posters to auction off to help pay her medical bills. Mariah took to instagram to write this:

"I can't express to you how amazed I am and how lucky I feel. This morning I received some packages from Colin Trevorrow (the director of Jurassic World)! He sent a note saying that he remembered me from set and that he had learned about my fight and upcoming transplant. So to help with some funds he sent me 4 theatrical posters that he signed that I can sell. He also sent me a "keepsake": a framed still from one of my scenes. I'm still beaming."

Mariah has listed the first poster for auction here. The Jurassic Park fanbase is a strong, passionate and diverse group - lets rally around this rare opportunity to help out a fellow fan and support a good cause! If the poster is out of your price range you can still support the cause by spreading the word.

Update: Mariah has a GoFundMe! If the poster is out of your price range this is a great way to help out! Be sure to follow Mariah on Twitter and Instagram to help show her what a great community she is part of!

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