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Dinosaur Makers from the Jurassic Park Films Reunite in a Live Webcast!
Posted by Jack DLM - Thursday 25 June 2015 at 11:46AM - 6 Comments

To celebrate the end of Jurassic June, the Stan Winston School of Character Arts are hosting a live webcast which will feature over 100 of the crew members that worked on the animatronic dinosaurs for the Jurassic Park franchise.


The event will take place this Friday, June 26th at 5:30pm-8:30pm PDT. This will start at 1:30am for us on British Standard Time.

This 3+ hour online event will give JP fans the opportunity to hear behind-the-scenes stories and see never-before-seen pics and video. Even better, the event is interactive, providing fans with the chance to ask questions about the JP film franchise and what it was like to be a part of movie history.

As well as seeing exclusive behind the scenes footage and being able to speak with the animatronic crew members, you will also have the chance to win a screen-used T-Rex tooth!

Stan Winston's son Matt Winston is hosting the event and has been actively spreading the word, as well as posting numerous never-before-seen videos from the production of the Jurassic Park films. Be sure to check out more of their videos on their YouTube channel:

Will you be joining the event? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Stan Winston School

Jurassic World is the fastest film to cross $1 billion at the worldwide box office!
Posted by Jack DLM - Tuesday 23 June 2015 at 01:21PM - 25 Comments

As we recently reported, Jurassic World is continuing to break records in the box office, and has now become the fast film to cross $1 billion dollars worldwide!


Two days ago Variety reported that the film is predicted to cross $1 billion, and today that became a reality.

The Colin Trevorrow-directed Jurassic Park sequel achieved the feat in less than two weeks, gobbling box office records previously held by Marvel’s The Avengers along the way. It took The Avengers 14 days to hit $1 billion, while Jurassic World reached it in just 10. 

Despite competition from Pixar’s Inside Out, Jurassic World was still king of the box office during its second weekend in theaters. Though this weekend’s numbers aren’t final, estimates track Jurassic World’s domestic totals above $400 million and foreign totals at 583.1 million. 

The film has beaten predictions by more than double and has broken a total of 13 records in both the domenstic and international box office markets. Here is a list of the current records that the Jurassic sequel holds:

  • Highest-grossing weekend of all time with $524.4 million
    (Previous record: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ with $483.2 million)
  • Highest-grossing international weekend of all-time with $315.6 million
    (Previous record: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ with $314 million)
  • Highest-grossing domestic weekend of all time with $208.8 million
    (Previous record: “Marvel’s The Avengers” with $207.4 million)
  • Biggest domestic June debut
    (Previous record: “Man of Steel” with $116.6 million)
  • Biggest PG-13 rated film debut
    (Previous record: “Marvel’s The Avengers” with $207.4 million)
  • Fastest film to $200 million
    (Previous record: “Marvel’s The Avengers”)
  • Universal’s highest-grossing international weekend
    (Previous record” “Furious 7″ with $250.4 million)
  • Universal’s highest-grossing North American weekend
    (Previous record: “Furious 7″ with $147.2 million)
  • Imax record international weekend of $23.5 million
    (Previous record: “Transformers: Age of Extinction” with $16.7 million)
  • Imax record domestic weekend of $20.6 million
    (Previous record: “The Dark Knight Rises” with $19 million)
  • Premium large-format record of $16.2 million
    (Previous record: “Avengers: Age of Ultron” with $13.1 million)
  • Biggest debut for a Chris Pratt film
    (Previous record: “Guardians of the Galaxy” with $94.3 million)

How many times have you seen the film? Let us know in the comments section below and follow our Twitter and Facebook for news, giveaways and podcast interviews!

Source: ComicBook, Variety

An Interview with Colby Boothman - Young Raptor Handler
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 19 June 2015 at 03:42PM - 5 Comments

ImageA few days ago, Asees and myself spoke with actor Colby Boothman, who you'll recognise as the young Raptor handler who falls into the Raptor paddock in Jurassic World. Colby has also worked on a number of other projects, including Hot Tub Time Machine 2, The Last Exorcism Part II and more recently the new Star Wars Battlefront videogame.

We had a great interview via Skype and Colby told us multiple stories from the set and detailed his time working on the film. He had a lot of praise for the film as a whole and thoroughly enjoyed his time working with Colin, Jack Horner, the dancers who played the Velociraptors and everybody else.

I use a piece of software called 'MP3 Skype Recorder' to record a backup of our podcasts (we individually record our own audio) and I use this same software for interviews. It has never failed for the 18 episodes of the podcast we have recorded. Unfortunately, for a reason that is beyond me, the recording of our interview with Colby had a huge chunk missing. I'm not sure how, but the first 5 minutes, and the remaining 10 minutes of the conversation (which includes us connecting with Colby), are there, but the middle 40 minutes of the interview are missing.

Needless to say, I'm incredibly disappointed that this happened and I have tried everything I can to source the missing audio. I can only apologise to you guys, and to Colby that this happened.

ImageAnyway, I will do my best to relay some of what Colby said. Aside from telling us that he loved every minute of filming Jurassic World, he said he was on set for three or so weeks, and was in awe of the Raptor Paddock said, which was incredibly detailed up to a paddock security sign that was never once seen in the film. All of these tiny details made the set feel real.

He worked with four professional dancers who wore latex suits and donned a Velociraptor helmet, which gave the actors something to look at and respond to. He praised these four dancers, who he has worked with before, for their ability to respond to the environment if something changed or if an actor played something differently. We know that motion capture was used on the Velociraptors and he said that the motion capture was all captured after the main filming, but they did put the tracking dots on the suits for a couple of shots.

ImageWhile he could not say much about what else he filmed that didn't make the final cut, he did say that the behind the scenes team did capture some pieces with him. The behind the scenes team are the same team who made the on-set videos with Chris Pratt. He praised the team and said there really is some exciting stuff coming with the Blu-Ray, and told us that the video of Chris Pratt learning to whistle is all real and that he really couldn't whistle until filming!

Colby's character is also in the LEGO Jurassic World videogame and by using a cheat code, you can play as him. His character is named in the game as Leon and you can check out a walkthrough of his mission here, and see his character here.

ImageWe talked about his two scenes and Colby told us that his stunt double did the impressive fall into the Raptor paddock. He obviously said he would love to return for a sequel, if his character is needed. We asked what was next for him, to which he told us that he has recorded some motion capture work for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront videogame. He worked on a lot of the sequences in the game with the lightsaber dueling.

It's really unfortunate having to try and recall this from memory, as the interview truly was insightful.

Below you can listen to our latest podcast where we discuss our own thoughts on the film, and at 2h28m40s in you can listen to what is left of our interview with Colby.

Thank you to Colby and his agent for allowing us to speak with you, and apologies again for this recording mishap. I won't be using that piece of software again, that's for sure.

Watch Legacy Effects build the Jurassic World animatronic in this new video!
Posted by ChrisLikesDinos - Friday 19 June 2015 at 03:43AM - 15 Comments

In a new video released from Legacy Effects we take a look at creating the Apatosaurus animatronic for the film. This is the one and only animatronic used in the movie, though maquettes of some other dinosaurs were created for stand ins to be replaced via CG in post. Check out the amazing work that went into bringing this beautiful effect to life in the video below!

What did you think of the scene that this stunning work was featured in during Jurassic World? Personally it is one of my favorite moments, and its intimacy is only amplified by utilizing a practical Dinosaur. While I absolutely love Jurassic World, I certainly would have liked to see more animatronics used. Animatronics are a Jurassic Park staple, so it was surprsing seeing only one in the film.


Be sure to stay tuned for all the news- whether it be making ofs, games, art, sequel news or more! As always, sound off below and let us know if you would like more practical dinosaurs in future Jurassic installments.

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