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Episode 29 of our Podcast is here! Plus an important YouTube update!
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 05 February 2016 at 07:44PM - 2 Comments

To all of our podcast listeners out there: due to the current circumstances with our YouTube channel we thought we would post the podcast here so you don't miss out on the latest episode! Unfortunately we can't upload it to YouTube right now, but below are the various links to how you can listen to it, and a short video explaining the situation!

The latest episode of our podcast is episode 29; Jack, Chris, Asees, Ryan AND Alex (the whole team!) discuss the potential plot lines for Jurassic World 2, and we talk about what could have been after reading the John Sayles Jurassic Park 4 script.

You can listen to episode 29 directly on JellyCast, or find the podcast through iTunes and Stitcher.


On the previous episode, we spoke with Paul Francis, Art Director and Co-Founder of Chronicle Collectibles where he revealed their upcoming 1:6th scale Owen Pratt and Dr Alan Grant figures! That episode is available exclusively through SoundCloud.

We do apologise for the current situation and hope you're still able to listen to our new episodes through the respective websites linked above. When we have been able to fix the current issue, all of the remaining episodes will be uploaded to YouTube where you can catch-up, if you've not been able to listen until then.

As said in the above video, we have some really great things coming that you'll love. We don't want to reveal anything just yet, but stay tuned as we'll very likely end up accidentally dropping hints in our podcasts. We just can't keep our mouths shut!

A big thanks to all of you who listen and the next few years are going to be fantastic. We also have a large competition coming up again where we'll be giving away some really exciting stuff!

Stay tuned for all of that, and more!

The Alien Isolation Developers Should Make a Jurassic Park Game
Posted by Jack DLM - Monday 01 February 2016 at 05:47PM - 15 Comments

This will be a similar piece to my previous article about the need for a Jurassic Park video game, but a new opinion piece by TweakTown really caught my eye, and the eyes of many others. 

The original article sources a thread on the NeoGaf forum, where a user suggested that the developers of Alien: Isolation, Creative Assembly, should produce a Jurassic Park game in the same style.


If you've ever played Alien: Isolation then you'll understand how much sense this makes, and this thread is certainly not the first time somebody has suggested that the style would be perfectly suited to Jurassic Park.

The TweakTown articles says:

The alien's AI in the sci-fi thriller was so authentic to the film series, making it one of the most spine-tingling adversaries ever rendered in video game form. Creative Assembly perfectly captured the terrifying magic of a new kind of cat and mouse game. You can feel the Xenomorph watching you, knowing its out there, somewhere, carefully winding its way through the bowels of the ship like a slithering serpent.

While Jurassic Park's dinos may not be as svelte and elegant as the xenomorph, they represent a more primal threat--the kind that will leave destructive carnage and massacres in its wake.

Also, there's a ton of dinos to choose from in Jurassic Park. We could have multiple sequences, with the raptors chasing and terrorizing players through the same psychological horror instilled by the Xenomorph, and havoc-inducing T-Rex encounters to boot.

We also have the perfect backdrop a tropical island setting, and as we all know, atmospherics are very important for these kinds of survival games. The island would likely be strewn with hazards, open no-man's-land expanses, and claustrophobic interiors.

And I couldn't agree more. The atmosphere and themes that the Jurassic Park franchise established are perfect for a single-player video game that doesn't involve making your own park on an iPhone. Who doesn't want to run around an abandoned Isla Nublar during a storm? It would be the perfect opportunity for us to revisit the original sets too, and to finally be able to create our own adventures with these massive prehistoric animals.

The original forum post suggests taking this:


and replacing it with this:


It doesn't need to be a story about shooting dinosaurs - it needs to be a survival adventure, like Alien: Isolation. The Last of Us is another great example of a survival game done right, with unique characters using weapons as a last resort.

So what can we do? Well, long story short, nothing. Universal don't appear to be interested in actually making a Jurassic Park video game other than the Ludia iPhone/Android park builder game. And that is a true shame, because that game is just a "free-to-play" copy of a far superior Operation Genesis. Remember that game? That game came out 13 years ago.

For now, the best thing we can do as a fan base is to continue voicing our opinion and want for a Jurassic Park video game, as well as support these fantastic fan made games that will hopefully see the light of day.

What kind of Jurassic Park video game would you like to see? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below and as always, stay tuned to our Twitter for round the clock Jurassic news!

Source: TweakTown, NeoGaf

'Behind the Magic' A Look at ILM's Visual Effects Work for Jurassic World
Posted by Jack DLM - Friday 29 January 2016 at 07:24PM - 4 Comments

Industrial Light & Magic have shared a sample of the visual effects work that they created for Jurassic World. ILM have worked on the visual effects for every film so far in the Jurassic franchise. Check out the video below:

This was the first film in the franchise that incorporated motion capture to create even more realistic movement in the Velociraptors, but it was also the first that did not use animatronics and was purely CGI (excluding the Apatosaur scene).


You can read more about ILM's work on the film in a previous article where I pulled information from Cineflex magazine which further detailed ILM's process and work on Jurassic World.

What did you think of the visual effects work in Jurassic World? Did you find the Velociraptors more convincing this time around? Let us know in the comments section below!

Bryce Dallas Howard teases Claire Dearing in Jurassic World sequel: 'She's a different person now'
Posted by Jack DLM - Tuesday 26 January 2016 at 11:31PM - 3 Comments

In a new video interview with E! Online, Jurassic World lead actress Bryce Dallas Howard teases her role in the upcoming sequel, to which she is attached to star.


In the interview Bryce jokes about not being allowed to share anything she knows, but she does inform the interviewer that her character, Claire Dearing - who played the Park Operations Manager - is not the same person that she was at the start of the film.

As we saw in Jurassic World, her character's arc transitioned from a cold, corporate manager, to a warm-hearted and passionate woman who began to care for the animals, especially after witnessing the Apatosaur's death.

Check out the interview below:

I wonder if that means Claire will ditch the white suits completely and sport a more Sarah Harding esque wardrobe in the sequel?

Jurassic World 2 will be hitting theatres on June 22, 2018 in the USA and two weeks earlier in the UK on June 7, 2018!

What are your plot ideas for the sequel, and where would you like to see Bryce Dallas Howard's character go? Do you think she should return for the sequel at all? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: E! Online via Jurassic June

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